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Emptying the Prison
Zyten watched as his many prisoners fruitlessly attempted to escape from their cages and restraints with a self-satisfied smile on his face.The gorgon slithered just out of sight to keep the element of surprise on his side. A quick headcount told Zyten that he had ten prisoners today, each one with a reasonably plump frame, but a perfect amount of energy. He wiped a stream of saliva from his face before approaching his first snack. A young man sat before him, half dressed and with his hands and feet tied together. The man struggled against the ropes binding him to his spot as Zyten slithered ever closer.
“Well, well, well. What have we here?” He said as he circled the young man before him.
“P-please...let me go…” he said fearfully. Zyten clicked his tongue.
“I don’t think so, human,” he replied, a wicked grin spreading across his face. “You’ve hurt far too many people. Humans like you are scum, and I do believe the time for yo
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Ice Cream Nikara
I'm probably going to make digital pics for a while now since ya know, I haven't drawn digitally in a while lol

when I drew this I thought of the song called Ice Cream from OMFG I love their music
This is a very old drawing of my OC Mjollnir the Android that I did I know it sucks but eh I love it and I'm proud of myself for it lol 
GO BACK TO SLEEP....~fanart comic~
Lol I had to guys!! Ok so soon I'll make a digital version soon if I have time for it I'm not sure

Characters- Lord Garmadon and Kai
They do not belong to me they belong to their rightful owners
I can't fucking believe he fucking acted like a jerk and left me alone to cry and abuse myself
It's about my boyfriend...he called me childish and told myself to calm down when he knows damn well that I can't calm myself down nor does anything help. He always makes me wait on him for stupid reasons. Now I'm starting to think about breaking up with him
Hey guys I'm back with a weird comic I did but I will upload it as soon as I can tomorrow if I'm feeling way better aaaaannnndd I gave myself a few more cuts to my arms :,) yup I'm one of those depressed ass trash that needs to be taken out sorry guys if you wanna unwatch me it's fine I'm not comaining

If y'all are wondering about the comic....imma do a bit of spoilers about it but....I recently saw the new ninjago movie trailer and I fangirled for hours ok ok I admit I'm a damn ninjago freak XD anyway this comic is creepy so basically only two characters are shown in the comic they are Kai and (I wanted to torture him) Garmadon being a freak to him in the middle of the night just by watching him sleep at the foot of his bed lmao but I could go on and on about this ninjago shit I did and fangirled over buuuuuuuuttt

Goruda was born with a birth defect causing him to have four arms, and his people believed that it was a birth defect. His mother was expecting twins but has only gotten on child. She and the rest of the family hated him so much that they abused him and starved him. His evil twin brother, Dezruda (another OC that I will upload tomorrow), helped him through the pain and Goruda later found a girl of his kind named Verzena. She cared for him along with her brother, Lucas. Verzena lived with her uncle and he welcomed Goruda in.

Goruda was picked on by other kids especially his 6 brothers and 6 sisters. They called him a monster, a freak show, a no body, a giant because of how much bigger than he is compare to his people. He was also bullied by his people but then a war struck out by the imps and the Skilorians, Goruda's people, fought against them.

Goruda was 2,468 years old at the time and he and Verzena went to the same war. Goruda's godlike strength destroyed the whole war. He was in the middle of chopping off some heads of imps until he heard a scream. It was Verzena. She had been shot in her right eye by an arrow.

Goruda started to panic and rushed her to a shaman. They've had run out of eyes and Goruda volunteered to give up him right eye to his best friend. The surgery was complete and she was blind for a year and so was Goruda.

He left Skiloria for good and started his own kingdom and became king of all monthers. He found Tsuka.

Thanks for reading you guess for reading!!


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Call me Crystal <(^w^)>
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I love to draw my babies! (My characters) They really want to become part of this world.

I do love yaoi and vore <(^w^)> and typing that lol

Mai besties are demon12x, DarkDraws454, adarkerlink, Dovahkiin1127, and BIO675 I love them all so much! They're amazing!!

I like to draw random stuff and love to role play a lot *^*

I only take requests never commissions but I plan on it and I highly doubt I will.

I love all the comments on my deviations and the faves ^w^ I appreciate them dearly

What I hate/dislike: FNiA, weird types of vore (like bruh? Da fauq use ya damn mouth. Not ya ass -_-) spam, loneliness so comment or note meh even if I'm not on •-•

What I like/love: my friends 😻, yaoi (tons of it -w-), vore, dragons, anything fluffy, tons of rap music, aaaannnndddd other stuff

Thanks for stumbling upon my bio have some Krispy Kreme flavored cake


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